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Qualitative Policy

IATF 16949_2023.jpg
IATF 16949
ISO 14001_2023.jpg
ISO 14001
ISO 17025
ETA 18/1100
EN 14592-21018-13(M3.0)-01
EN 14592-21018-13(M3.0)-2-01
EN 14592-21019-13(M3.5)-01
EN 14592-21019-13(M3.5)-2-01
EN 14592-21020-13(M4.0)-01
EN 14592-21020-13(M4.0)-2-01
EN 14592-21021-13(M4.5)-01
EN 14592-21021-13(M4.5)-2-01
EN 14592-21022-13(M5.0)-01
EN 14592-21022-13(M5.0)-2-01
EN 14592-21023-13(M6.0)-01
EN 14592-21023-13(M6.0)-2-01
EN 14592-21024-13(M8.0)-01
EN 14592-21024-13(M8.0)-2-01
EN 14592-21025-13(M10.0)-01
EN 14592-21025-13(M10.0)-2-01
EN 14592-21026-13(M12)-01
EN 14592-21026-13(M12)-2-01
EN 14592
EN 14566-1001
EN 14566-1002
EN 14566-1003
EN 14566-1004
EN 14566-1005
EN 14566

Quality is everything.

Our enterprise management aims at constantly producing profits and obtaining customers’ affirmation. Therefore, on the internal aspect, our company must be devoted to developing new technology and proactively implementing constant improving quality system as well as reducing cost; while on the external aspect, we have to dedicate to meeting customers’ needs and reaching the goal of consumers’ satisfaction in order to secure our product competitiveness.

Good quality, which indicates product quality, delivery quality, price quality, and service quality, is our company’s strategy to promote product competitiveness.

Our Equipments for Quality Control

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